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Increasing regulation, market saturation, and rising interest rates... Still think short term rentals make sense? You're not alone. Join industry experts Bill Faeth, successful STR host and investor, and Kenny Bedwell, founder of STR Insights and data junky, as they discuss how you can invest in this lucrative industry while still staying ahead of the curve, identifying trends before they happen - or blowing them away outright with their own insights!

The short term rental industry is booming and there are many benefits to investing in this type of property. Whether you’re a first-time investor or looking for your next investment, we have insights that will help guide the way forward!

Data is the new currency in real estate, and STRonomics has got you covered. Each episode will dive deeply into how and where to source the best data, adding value, financing, and much more.

Bill Faeth

Let me introduce you to Bill Faeth

Bill Faeth is the founder of Build Short Term Rental Wealth, the STR UNFILTERED podcast, Bill & Kenny’s Hit Picks, and 31 additional startups, as well as owning multiple STRs across the country and coaching over 20,000 successful students.

You can find Bill online at: - The Free Build STR Wealth Facebook Group
Build STR Wealth
BK Hot Picks
Instagram: @BillFaeth73
Tik Tok: @bfaeth

Kenny Bedwell

Let me introduce you to Kenny Bedwell

Kenny is a short term real estate manager and owner around the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. He has a background in research analytics and economics. For the past 7 years, he has leveraged his analytical skills to help startups and a Fortune 500 company research the financial industry.

Kenny has recently identified higher-performing short term rental markets through his analytical skills. In 2021, he created his own tool to locate his next short term rental market. He sequentially founded STR Insights to help every investor discover new or emerging short term rental real estate markets across the United States in minutes based on their personal preferences. Since its inception in 2021, STR Insights has tripled its team to provide more accurate analytical insights into the short term real estate space that keep investors ahead of the game.

You can find Kenny online at:
Instagram: @strinsights

Data is the new currency in real estate, and STRonomics has got you covered.