Increasing regulation, market saturation, and rising interest rates... Still think short term rentals make sense? You're not alone.


Join industry experts Bill Faeth, successful STR host and investor, and Kenny Bedwell, founder of STR Insights and data junky, as they discuss how you can invest in this lucrative industry while still staying ahead of the curve, identifying trends before they happen - or blowing them away outright with their own insights!


The short term rental industry is booming, and there are many benefits to investing in this type of property. Whether you’re a first-time investor or looking for your next investment, we have insights that will help guide the way forward!

Data is the new currency in real estate, and STRonomics has got you covered. Each episode will dive deeply into how and where to source the best data, adding value, financing, and much more.

What we talk about


So many people throw numbers out there to try and confuse and hide the real information underneath. Numbers are Numbers until you know how to use them. On STRonomics, Bill and Kenny break down the data to real language that you can take action on.

The Curve

Real Estate is a game. Half the battle is knowing how to play the game to set yourself up to win more often. You don't want to invest in a market after it has exploded. You want to be ahead of the curve.

What Really Matters

In the end, you are purchasing a property... but what really matters? How can you get the most for your investment? What are ways to maximize your ROI with proven choices and strategies? That's what STRonomics is all about.

Bill and Kenny breakdown the data wall and deliver insights that cut through the numbers and give you real insight.